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Step One:

You'll learn the ins and outs of the Sympto-Thermal Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) aka tracking your cycle for birth control. This is 99.6% effective when done correctly and is your exact road map to tracking your cycle for reliable contraception. Did someone say hormone and side effect-free birth control?! Yes, yes I did.

Step Two:

We'll dive deep into nutrition, digestion, gut-health, detoxification, supplementation and lifestyle essentials for healthy cycles and balanced hormones. You will become a master of the 4 phases of your cycle, how to live in sync with each, identify what a healthy cycle looks like and assess your own cycle and hormonal activity.

Step Three:

Now it's time to put this knowledge into practice and live with true cycle freedom. Complete the downloadable worksheets, quizzes and practice exercises, book you 1:1 cycle & hormones review session to ask any and all of your questions, and follow the outlined steps to experience all of the benefits living in harmony with your cycle has to offer.


All of this is yours...

  • 10+ hours of self-paced content
  • 1:1 cycle tracking & hormones review session
  • Video trainings, assessments, downloadable worksheets
  • Practice charting exercises & cheatsheets
  • Tools to assess hormone function & cycle health
  • Nutrition & lifestyle changes for balanced hormones
  • How to live in sync with your cycle & hormonal rhythm
  • Ongoing support + monthly office hours to ask any and all of your questions
  • Complete confidence in using the fertility awareness method for birth control
  • Lifetime access to the course + all upgrades
  • Bonus modules & guides
  • 3 FREE months of the Read Your Body App
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  • Complete access to course and all content
  • Bonus modules & guides
  • 1:1 charting & cycle review session
  • Lifetime access to course & all upgrades
  • Early bird pricing

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Price goes up Feb 2nd

  • Complete access to course and all content
  • Bonus modules & guides
  • 1:1 charting & cycle review
  • 3 FREE months of my favourite tracking app - Read Your Body
  • Lifetime access to course & all upgrades
  • Early birth pricing & best value!

The fertility awareness method is a science-based, 99.6% effective method of tracking your cycle for reliable birth control when done correctly (that's why it's so important to learn from a certified teacher).

You are able to track your cycle accurately by monitoring your biomarkers of fertility, like basal body temperature, cervical positioning and cervical fluid. These will show you when you are fertile and infertile throughout your cycle.

In this course, I will teach you the sympto-thermal fertility awareness method, meaning the main biomarkers we track are temperature and cervical fluid, but we will cover the other optional biomarkers as well.

FAM allows you to not only have effective hormone and side-effect free birth control, but also helps you establish a deeper connection to your body, cycle and hormones. It is literally a women's health manual which is something we all deserve to have!

Don't be fooled, FAM is NOT:

  • guessing when you are fertile
  • having an app tell you when you can and can't get pregnant
  • something you only do if you don't care about getting pregnant
  • a calendar-based method
  • an outdated form of birth control

Basal Body Temperature

Your BBT is lower before ovulation, and increases once ovulation has happened.

Cervical Fluid/Mucus

The quality and quantity of your CM reflects your fertility, and duration of the fertile window.

Additional Biomarkers

LH testing and cervical positioning reflect fertility status throughout the cycle and help confirm ovulation.

Laying the Foundation

Month One

Core Content:

  • Welcome to the FAM training!
  • How to stay consistent with charting
  • Setting up your chart (app & paper options)
  • The 4 hormones that govern your cycle
  • Reproductive anatomy
  • Ovulation, cycle events & phases
  • Cervical mucus, explained
  • Basal body temperature, explained
  • How to track your period & assess your flow
  • Intro to cycle terms & fertile window markers
  • Bonus Guide: how to come off hormonal birth control

Becoming a Charting Expert

Month Two

Core Content:

  • LH testing, explained
  • Cervical positioning, explained
  • Charting terms, ovulation & the fertile window
  • Deeper dive into the phases of your cycle
  • Interpreting your biomarkers
  • Assessing cycle length & the luteal phase
  • Full cycle walkthrough & confirming ovulation
  • FAM cheatsheet (PDF)
  • Quizzes: interpreting biomarkers; cycle terms, events & key points; avoiding pregnancy with FAM
  • Practice charting exercises

Family Planning & Cyclical Living

Month Three

Core Content:

  • Avoiding pregnancy with FAM
  • Hormones, PMS & cycle health: what's normal + what's not
  • Living in balance with your cycle and hormonal rhythm
  • Nutrition & lifestyle changes for PMS & cycle problems
  • Spotting hormonal imbalances in your cycle
  • Supplements for PMS & cycle health
  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • Next steps for PCOS, missing periods & endometriosis
  • 1:1 charting and cycle review session
  • Additional resources (books, podcasts, blogs, etc.)

This course is for you if...

  • You're wanting an alternative, reliable, hormone-free birth control method
  • You're off hormonal birth controlor are ready to come off soon
  • You're confused about what, how and when to track your cycle properly
  • You love learning about your body, health, cycle and hormonal rhythm
  • You want to know more about hormone balance and living in sync with your cycle
  • You've tried FAM or cycle tracking on your own, but don't feel confident using it for birth control yet
  • You'd love to know how to ease PMS and period symptoms
  • You want to commit to learning FAM and how to track your fertility biomarkers
  • You're ready and excited to become more in touch with your health, menstrual cycle, body and hormones!
  • You are wanting 1:1 support from an instructor to help you master the fertility awareness method
  • You want to use FAM in conjunction with other non-hormonal birth control methods (i.e. condoms, copper IUD, etc.)

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You're wanting a quick fix for hormonal imbalances, diagnoses or period problems
  • You are not interested in tracking your biomarkers (cervical fluid, BBT, etc.) consistently
  • You are still not convinced that FAM is a reliable method of birth control (this course is intended to teach those who are ready and excited to learn. Head to the FAQs below if you want some more information and statistics on the efficacy of FAM before you consider signing up)
  • You're not wanting to come off hormonal birth control anytime soon (FAM can only work if you are not taking hormonal birth control. If you are wanting to come off soon, you are welcome to sign up (and use the bonus guide to help you transition off 😉), but if you are planning on staying on it longterm, FAM unfortunately won't work since HBC interrupts your cycle & natural hormonal rhythm)

Meet Your Instructor


Hey! I'm Vanessa, a nutritionist, certified fertility awareness method instructor and functional health coach.

I found the fertility awareness method, well, because I had to. After not wanting to be on the birth control pill and having beyond painful complications with the copper IUD, I turned to FAM.

I used to think it was some hooky BS for people who didn't really care if they got pregnant, not a truly reliable and tangible method of birth control. Dang, was I wrong because it actually ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made for my cycle health, hormones and connection to my body. I was amazed at the power of my cycle and ability to accurately track it for birth control, but frustrated that I was never taught any of this in school or when I was asking about my birth control options.

That's why I went on to become a teacher. Now I get the pleasure of sharing this incredible method with you so that you too can feel empowered by and connected to your body, hormones, health and fertility!

If you have any questions about the program, I'm here for you. shoot me a message on instagram here or send me an email at [email protected] and we'll talk it through together.

"I can actually enjoy life the week before my period and am comfortable using FAM for birth control with my partner"


Working with Vanessa will change your life, I’m not even kidding! I came to Vanessa because I was really unsure about using FAM for birth control since I have a longterm parter and we are not ready for children lol, but I didn’t want to be on hormonal birth control anymore. I also had horrible PMS symptoms the entire two weeks before my period. I cannot express how much I have learned from Vanessa and how much better my periods are! Learning FAM and working with Vanessa was so enlightening and I am forever grateful for her because now I can actually enjoy life the weeks before my period and am comfortable using FAM for birth control with my partner.

- Rachel

"I gained so much confidence and now we exclusively use FAM for birth control"


I wanted to join this FAM training because I tried cycle tracking and learning FAM on my own, but it stressed me out. I didn’t feel comfortable relying on it for my only birth control with my boyfriend, and felt lost about what to do next. I am so glad that I joined this training because she literally holds your hand through the entire process of learning FAM and made me feel so comfortable. I loved the videos and quizzes because it helped me see where I knew my stuff, and where I needed more support. Over the three months I gained so much confidence and now we exclusively use FAM for birth control, which I am so happy about because I didn’t know if I would ever feel comfortable doing it! If you want to learn FAM and were sceptical or worried about it like me, this program will totally help you and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

- Alyssa


"She taught me so much about how my body works and I feel more empowered than ever to have control back over my cycle"


Working with Vanessa was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made! She taught me so much about how my body works and I feel more empowered than ever to have control back over my cycle. I was able to completely ditch the pill after 8 years on it and I feel like a whole new person. I didn’t even know that I was experiencing some symptoms from being on the pill until I stopped experiencing them. She helped me prepare my body for the change and support my body afterwards.

- Cassidy



This is EVERYTHING I NEEDED!!! I've read multiple books on this topic but never consulted anybody about it or knew where to go/ask questions. I knew nobody who uses FAM so it all made me super unsure. This course answered all my questions and gave me the confidence that I 1. Have the knowledge to put this into practice and 2. Have somebody to go to for advice, questions, etc. Even after I finish the course and do the 1 on 1, I feel confident that I could email Vanessa anytime with questions and she would be happy to help me, even it's a year or two after doing the course. 100000% recommend to anybody who is interested in FAM.

- Sammi

"She helped me so much with transitioning from the pill to FAM"


I came to Vanessa and signed up for the training because I wanted to come off hormonal birth control and learn how to use the fertility awareness method. The entire course was amazing. I was so easy to follow, and I loved how I could take the videos and exercises at my own pace. I used her coming off birth control guide to transition off birth control and then started tracking right away. Vanessa was so helpful and responsive throughout the whole course whenever I had questions, and she helped me so much with transitioning from the pill to FAM. I learned so much about my body, cycle and hormones that I didn’t even knew existed! It took a few cycles for my body to regulate but now I am loving using FAM! It is so cool to feel connected to your body in a way where you’re tracking and interacting with it every day. I also loved learning about how my hormones change each phase and how to switch up my workouts and eating habits to support my body. I’ve incorporated a lot of the additional steps she teaches for healthy cycles and am getting little to no PMS around my period which I’m so happy about!

- Amanda