"Working with Vanessa was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made! She taught me so much about how my body works and I feel more empowered than ever to have control back over my cycle. I was able to completely ditch the pill after 8 years on it and I feel like a whole new person. I didn’t even know that I was experiencing some symptoms from being on the pill until I stopped experiencing them. She helped me prepare my body for the change and support my body afterwards."

-- Cassidy Quick

"Working with Vanessa has been so, so helpful! She gives really actionable guidance and within four sessions I noticed a huge improvement in my quality of life. My indigestion is completely gone, and I had the first period I can ever remember where I felt almost my normal self!

It’s amazing what some simple changes can do, after all these years it seems almost too easy. If these are the improvements of only a couple months, I can’t wait to see what a longer period of consistency brings! I am so grateful for Vanessa’s insight, knowledge, and enthusiasm that she brings to every session and only wish I had reached out sooner."

-- Jaya Ducharme

"I am so beyond thankful for my sessions with Vanessa, her guidance, expertise and patience throughout the entire time we worked together.

She helped me come off hormonal birth control (which I was super nervous about), regulate my cycle, and tackle any post-pill problems that came my way. I would literally recommend her to anyone and everyone wanting support with their hormones, cycle, birth control and anything in between!"

-- Julia Bauer

"Working with Vanessa was one of the best decisions of my life. She helped me find confidence through a really rough time working through painful post birth control acne. She helped me be patient in finding a natural way to cure my acne and I could not be happier!!"

-- Eryn Brown

"Before working with Vanessa I was exhausted throughout the day, never having regular BMs, was bloated constantly and had horrible PMS. I cannot believe the results I was able to get with the nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes she recommended and guided me through. I am so glad that I don't dread my periods anymore and honestly can't believe I used to suffer the way I did thinking it was totally normal. Thank you Vanessa!!"

-- Jessica Meizner

"Vanessa is a life-changer! I was struggling so much with my cycle and wasn't getting anywhere with my OBGYN and thought "Well I guess I'll suffer forever then." Then I found Vanessa through Instagram and she has completely changed my life! We had a thorough and comfortable intro process that included quantitative and qualitative data points, where I really learned a lot about myself and my habits that were contributing to my horrid cycles. With Vanessa's help, I've balanced my diet and basically transformed my cycles! She gave me supplements & instructions with the reasoning behind them (which is key for me!) and since they're "baby steps," they're easy to incorporate into everyday routines. I feel better, have more energy, and don't dread my monthly cycle. We started in February and I can say now in June that I am 100% convinced that Vanessa was sent from heaven to help me."

-- Nicole Wilke

"Having followed Vanessa for sometime on Instagram before signing up for the FAM course, I was familiar with her teaching style, personality, and philosophy. I had learned a lot through her posts but I wanted to get more information so I could be comfortable using the FAM method for birth control. Through the course I learned a lot since the material is very packed fill! She makes it interesting as you can tell the passion she has for the topic. The online course allowed me to go at my own pace through the material and really put it into practice. I also enjoyed the review and quiz material to test my knowledge. Overall, I would recommended the program to someone who would like to learn more about their body, cycle, and overall health. I now get excited when I am ovulating - even though I am using the method as birth control - because it means I am learning more about myself and more aware and able to predict when it will occur. It is nice to have a part of our cycle that we look forward to - because it is a sign of health!"

-- Cycle Freedom Student (anonymous for privacy reasons)

"This is EVERYTHING I NEEDED!!! I've read multiple books on this topic but never consulted anybody about it or knew where to go/ask questions. I knew nobody who uses FAM so it all made me super unsure. This course answered all my questions and gave me the confidence that I 1. Have the knowledge to put this into practice and 2. Have somebody to go to for advice, questions, etc. Even after I finish the course and do the 1 on 1, I feel confident that I could email Vanessa anytime with questions and she would be happy to help me, even it's a year or two after doing the course. 100000% recommend to anybody who is interested in FAM."

-- Sammi Brumm, Cycle Freedom Student